Basic Open Water Scuba Certification:
This is the first step into the underwater world and the basis from which all other scuba courses are built upon. I offer a private certification course that focuses on practical application, safety, and boat etiquette. This course includes a NITROX certification. Nitrox is simply a slightly elevated percentage of oxygen in the tank that adds to the safety margin, almost doubles dive time, and greatly reduces the fatigue associated with residual oxygen after dives.
The course consists of at least three lectures, two written tests, a pool session, and two open water dive sessions with briefings. The lectures are conducted in the comfort and convenience of your home.
The open water dives take place at Blue Grotto Springs in Williston Florida (freshwater) and the Gulf of Mexico (saltwater). Unlike most courses available in Central Florida
I REQUIRE saltwater dives. These not only makes sense, it more adequately prepares students for dives they will actually do after certification.

If you aren't trained in saltwater you aren't QUALIFIED to dive in saltwater!

Perfect for families.
 Maximum class size is FOUR participants.

Course Fee: $595.00 per person

Includes Instruction, use of SCUBA gear, learning materials, and all breathing gases.
Not included: Basic snorkeling gear, admission to Spring ($40),
Gulf dive charter ($100)

Private Basic Nitrox Course: $179.00
Private Scuba Skills Update: $79.00
Private Advanced Open Water: $269.00
Private Recreational Deep Diver: $179.00