Leon Watts

My passion for adventure has taken me around the world several times and worn out a few passports. I began mountaineering in 1999 and immediately began to travel the world to stand in high places. This led to my leaving the corporate world and developing a career teaching and guiding trips to South America, Africa, and Nepal. I've guided canopy tours and whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, photographic safaris across the African continent, The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, trekking to Mt. Everest, and big mountains in Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico.

I've been a SCUBA Instructor and guide for almost 20 years and in 1999 I wrote SHIPWRECKS of FLORIDA'S WEST COAST, the diving guide to Gulf of Mexico shipwrecks. I've lectured on shipwrecks and written for and been profiled in a number of local and national publications. I've had the pleasure to instruct professional athletes, business titans, 11 year old kids, vibrant grandmothers, and Tom Cruise. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with combat wounded veterans and I've done a number of "adventure" themed segments on the nationally syndicated DAYTIME NBC show. 

I'm a Coast Guard licensed captain rated Master of 100 ton vessels.

Its been fun so far.

Lets do something!