This is your entry into the underwater world!

We start by introducing you to the gear required to SCUBA dive. SCUBA diving is a "gear intensive" sport and it shouldn't be a mystery. From there we begin the understanding of the underwater world, it's differences and challenges and how we adapt and overcome them. We then learn the physics and physiology of diving, it can get a little intense so this is NOT the course you want breezed over "on-line" like so many dive shops do these days. 

Once we are comfortable with the academics we move to "confined" water. That means a "swimming pool" where I cover all the basics to make your "open water" dives safe and comfortable. 

Finally we head to a real dive environment! I prefer to start at a Florida Spring where we put everything you learned in the pool to work as we learn self rescues, navigation, and safe diving techniques. 

Finally we are ready to dive in SALTWATER! This is a key element that can not be overlooked and is actually REQUIRED by dive standards if you will be diving in the ocean after certification. 

Upon successful completion of all of the elements of the course you will be a CERTIFIED diver!

I also add a NITROX certification to my course which is simply the "next step" in your dive experience and a safer way to dive. 



Course fee is $595.00

Junior Course (under age 15) is $400.00

Includes ALL required gear, books, learning materials, and lectures.

Admissions to Springs ($45) and Gulf Dive Charter ($100) is not included.


As a CERTIFIED diver you learned that the limiting factor to your dive time is the amount and rate of Nitrogen our body absorbs while we are diving. 

By simply slightly increasing the amount of oxygen in our breathing gas we decrease the amount of Nitrogen absorbed. 

This course explains this process, it's benefits and it's limitations so you can extend your dives often by DOUBLE the "No decompression limits" encountered by diving AIR.

It is perfect for everyday diving as it decreases your residual Nitrogen so you feel less fatigued at the end of the dive day! 

Course fee is $199.00

Includes PRIVATE IN HOME  lecture, learning materials, and NITROX mix on certification dive.

Certification dive is not included

Advanced open water

Take your diving to the next level with enhanced skills. In this course "Advanced" means "EXPERIENCED". We will select what aspects of diving interest you the most and develop your course around those goals. Do you want to dive shipwrecks? Be comfortable a little deeper? Have better buoyancy or navigation skills? Or even SPEARFISH? We can focus on those skills and make you a better diver!

This course requires DIVES!

Some dives are supervised and some designed to develop your skills on your own. 

Course fee is $249.00

Fee does not include admission to Springs or Gulf Dive Charters


Got a little experience and now it's time to add SPEARFISHING to your dive resume?

Taking up spearfishing without instruction is possible but it's an expensive learning curve. 

We can get you started with fish identification, hunting technique, equipment safety, and in-water coaching.

Use of speargun is included

Course fee is $50

Fee does not include scuba gear, tanks, or Gulf dive charter.